Pandemic Poetry

Feeling like a fish out of water?  You are not alone!  Voices from the field.  Here they are.  They are as varied and wide as those out there.  And they all matter.

Mudskippers look like opera singers in the Thailand shallows ...

When asked to write 6-word memoirs about teaching in the Pandemic, I was in awe of the responses and decided to play around with them to create this group poem.  A Special Thank You to those who contributed!!  Do you see “your” line?


The Resilient Teacher as Resilient Mudskipper

Reflective times and moments of uncertainty

I have become the resilient mudskipper

Learning something new about myself everyday.


Quarantinis isolation toolkits virtual vibes covidiots

Forging new routines;  missing student interactions

I have more time with family

Lots of bonding time with daughter

Making family memories matters the most


Will I be giving birth alone?


I have converted to being introverted

Seizing the opportunity to get creative…

I have become the resilient mudskipper


Spring snowflakes surprisingly distract

Time in nature matters so much


Cyberland professional wear can be jammies!

Dressing for Zoom equals human mullet

Teaching in jammies makes everything better


Talking to screens instead of faces

Mind-bending sessions of virtual gymnastics

Pajama pants, tired eyes, coworker napping.

Grateful and growing in uncertain times

I have become the resilient mudskipper Pin on Views under the water








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